Products and services

Solar Power Packs (SPP)

Solar Power Packs are compact systems which can provide power to any household or office equipment. These systems are available with or without battery backup (i.e. Off-grid or Grid tied). Systems with battery backup give priority for solar, which means they will first consume the power generated from solar energy and in absence or lack of Sunlight will automatically switch over to grid / battery power. Systems without battery backup run in sync with grid.

  • ElectroSun SPPs are available in different ratings from 1 KVA to 5 KVA.
  • Depending on the cost of energy from Grid / DG set, the pay back can be as low as 3 years for OffGrid systems.
  • Grid-tied systems are more economical requiring negligible maintenance and gives very low payback period.

Grid-Connected Roof Top Solar Power Plants (GCRT)

GCRTs are normally without battery and are synchronized with Grid / DG power for uninterrupted availability of Power. Normally, GCRTs are very useful for housing societies / projects, commercial establishments and industries where there is adequate day time load or net metering facility. At night, when there is no sunlight and hence no generation, load runs on grid power. Solar panels can be mounted on roof or ground depending on site condition.

• AEGASUN Grid-tied Rooftop Solar Plants range is available from 1.0kW to 5kW in 1 phase and 5kW upwards in 3 phase.

• AEGASUN GCRTs are customized based on site condition and power requirement of customers.

• High efficiency inverters with Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge controllers are used to maximise power generation.


Solar Thermal Water Heaters (SWH)

These are used in all applications where hot water is required: bathing, cooking, washing, preheating of boiler feed etc. Hence ElectroSun SWH are useful for domestic consumers as well as commercial and industrial establishments like hotels, resorts, restaurants, hospitals, residential projects, housing societies, industries etc. The available range and capacity are:

  • 100 Litres to 300 Litres per day (LPD) in domestic range and 500 LPD and above for large Projects.
  • Typically, the money invested is paid back by way of savings in electricity in 1 to 2 years if the grid tariff is above Rs.8 /kWH.

Solar Street Lighting Systems (SLS)

ElectroSun Solar LED Street Lights are ideal choice for most economical illumination of common areas in housing societies, industrial and commercial complexes, roads and highways. Depending on the nature of application, we have appropriate solutions to offer. Apart from a set of standard street lighting models, we also have customized solutions for non-standard requirements.

Solar Street Lights can be installed either in standalone configuration where solar panel and battery are fixed on the pole itself; or they can be a centralized lighting system feeding battery stored solar energy to the lights in each pole. In centralized system, the solar panels, batteries and inverter are located at a central place.


Solar Pumping System (SPS)

Solar Pumping Systems are extremely useful for running AC pumps for agriculture, domestic or industrial applications. These systems consist of a pump controller which draws power from solar panels and run the pump through a variable speed drive.

  • MPPT Charge Controller for high efficiency
  • Suitable for submersible or surface pumps
  • Standard range available from 1 HP to 10HP. Higher capacity available on demand