Solar Power Pack

Solar Power Packs (SPP): Off-grid Systems

Solar Power Packs are compact systems which can run any electrical household or office equipment. These systems are normally available with battery backup, work like an inverter and give you freedom from power cuts. They give priority for solar, which means they will first consume the energy generated from solar and in absence or lack of Sunlight will automatically switch over to battery power followed by grid.

The battery discharge level can also be set depending on power to be reserved for emergency use. Excess solar power, which is available after catering to daytime load, is used to charge the battery.

Hybrid systems can also be provided with grid feeding facility for areas with Net Metering policy.

  • ElectroSun SPPs come in a range from 1kVA to 5kVA in 1 Phase.
  • Depending on the cost of energy from Grid / DG set, the pay back can be as low as 3 years in some cases.
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