Solar Roof Top Plants

Solar Roof Top Power Plants (RTP): Grid-tied Systems

GCRTs are normally without battery and are synchronized with Grid / DG power for uninterrupted availability of Power. Normally, GCRTs are very useful for housing societies / projects, commercial establishments and industries where there is adequate day time load or net metering facility. At night, when there is no sunlight and hence no generation, load runs on grid power. Solar panels can be mounted on roof or ground depending on site condition.
• AEGASUN Grid-tied Rooftop Solar Plants range is available from 1.0kW to 5kW in 1 phase and 5kW upwards in 3 phase.
• AEGASUN GCRTs are customized based on site condition and power requirement of customers.
• High efficiency inverters with Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge controllers are used to maximise power generation.


  • Quality of Solar Energy matches that of Grid
  • Excess generation is fed to the grid
  • LCD display to indicate power output, energy Generation etc.
  • Provides stable and reliable power
  • Economical compared to Off-grid systems
  • Easy to maintain

Utility Scale (MW level) Ground Mounted Power Plants are also offered for installation in Solar Power Parks and other locations for Developers. Outputs from these plants are normally delivered at higher voltages through step up transformers for synchronization.

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Remote Monitoring solutions

Monitor the entire solar power plant performance from anywhere in the world
Get daily generation reports via email on registered email IDs
Check each inverter’s performance
Get all the live power graph connected to each inverter.

DG Synchronisation

For areas with scarcity of grid power, the solar power system can be synchronized with DG Power with appropriate provision of minimum loading of DG Set and reverse feed protection

Reverse Power Control / Zero Export Feature

In case there is no facility or benefits of net metering, feeding solar power into the grid must be stopped so that the customer does not incur costs due to such feeds. Aegasun provides solutions for such conditions.