Solar Thermal Water Heater

Solar Thermal Water Heater

ElectroSun solar water heaters come to you with an optional 2 in one benefit: It works on Electricity as well! ElectroSun Solar Water Heaters are based on the latest technology of All Glass Evacuated Tube Collector (ETC) for Maximum Solar Heat Absorption. The loss of heat during night time is also very less due to thick Poly Urethane Foam (PUF) Insulation in Over Head Tanks. Other key features and advantages of ElectroSun Solar Water Heaters are:

  • 15 to 20 years life
  • Strong mounting structure with long lasting powder coated paint for anti-rust properties
  • Excess initial investment over Electric Geyser is paid back in less than 1.5 years
  • Eco-friendly application; saves environment by reducing over 1.5 tons of CO2 emission per year

Size Selection of ElectroSun ® Solar Water Heater

The size of ElectroSun will depend on many factors like number of family members, amount of hot water required, use of hot water in bathroom, kitchen and other areas, environmental conditions etc. Considering some wastage and transit heat loss, one can assume 25 to 30 litres of hot water requirement per person per bath in a family.

User Guide for ElectroSun ® Solar Water Heater

  • Please ensure that when water is filled in the ElectroSun water tank for the first time, the Evacuated Tubes are in cold condition.
  • Please allow some flow of stagnated water in pipeline before getting hot water in the shower / tap.
  • Please remember that there will be greater loss of heat if the outlet of ElectroSun solar water heater is connected to the Electric Geyser in your home due to mixing with larger amount of cold water in the geyser before it reaches the tap.
  • Please ensure that only clean water free from any dirt or foreign particles can enter the ElectroSun tank through the inlet. If the quality of water is poor, a suitable filter should be installed before the inlet.
  • If you wish to have hot water without any loss of heat, you may temporarily close the ElectroSun tank inlet to stop mixing of cold water with hot water in the tank.
  • Do not allow the ElectroSun tank to remain empty when the Evacuated Tubes are exposed to sunlight. This will avoid generation of excessive heat which may damage the tubes and seals.
  • Air vent pipe must be kept free from any blockage for proper flow of water to your home. If the air vent is partially or fully blocked there will be reduced or no water flow at all.
  • If the use of hot water is low or when water is not used for long periods of consecutive sunny days, air vent should be left open for evaporation and release of pressure inside the ElectroSun tank. The evacuated tubes may also be covered from sunlight or put under shade.
  • Check the electrical wiring, protective devices, fuse and proper earthing of electric heater before use. It is extremely important to check these items periodically for safety of people and also the system.
  • Switch on the backup electric heater only when there is water in the tank. Please switch off the backup electric heater after use to avoid excessive heating and damage to the system
  • In extreme cold places with possibilities of snow fall and water freezing, ElectroSun tank should be emptied if there is no sunlight to avoid freezing of water and damage to ElectroSun tank and tubes.
  • In case of non-pressurised ElectroSun solar water heater system, the main storage tank supplying water to ElectroSun water tank should be within a height of 10 feet from the ElectroSun tank. Otherwise, a separate tank will be required to be installed just above the ElectroSun tank for feeding water.
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