Established as a Solar Energy Solutions provider in 2010, AEGASUN offers supply of renewable energy as well as solutions in Solar and Renewable Energy applications and Conservation of Energy. AEGASUN has a range of services that includes site selection, system design, plant layout, material specification, supply, installation, testing, commissioning, operation, maintenance and project management for renewable and electrical energy systems


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Business Models Offered

We provide Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) solutions to customers with a wide range of Investment and Finance options to make it easy to own a reliable solar energy system

Buy under Capital Expenditure (Capex)

Invest in your own solar power plant to get free electricity for over 2 decades with negligible cost on operation and maintenance. Industrial and Commercial establishments can avail accelerated depreciation benefit of 40% every year. With highly reliable system and very competitive price from AEGASUN, such investments will give a return of more than 27% if your current electricity tariff is over Rs 8 / KWh. With Depreciation benefit, the return on investment will go beyond 30%. For higher electricity tariff, the return will be even higher.

Capex under Hire Purchase

Under this model, own your captive solar power plant with a nominal down payment and pay the balance through Equated Monthly Instalments (EMI) for a tenure ranging from 20 to 60 months. This is particularly useful for Housing Societies who find it difficult to arrange fund for full plant cost and wishes to pay in instalments of value less than their present monthly outgo on electricity.

Operational Expenditure (OPEX)

Also known as Build Own Operate and Transfer (BOOT), under this model the customer makes zero or negligible initial investment towards payment security and pay for only generated solar electricity as per mutually agreed Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) at much lower than DISCOM tariff. The tenure varies from 5 years to 25 years after which the solar plant is handed over to the customer free of any charge. The advantage of this scheme is that the plant is operated and maintained including warranty and upkeep, by us for the entire duration of PPA. The EMI and Opex schemes are offered subject to satisfactory credit evaluation of the customer either by a recognized external rating agency or by us / our investor.

The EMI and Opex schemes are offered subject to satisfactory credit evaluation of the customer either by a recognized external rating agency or by us / our investor

Customised Solutions

We make each of our proposals and erect solar power plants after carefully studying all aspects of customers requirement, with an eye on best possible return on his investment. Our activities include but not limited to:

  • Electricity consumption analysis and trend
  • Site / Roof survey to estimate available shadow free area
  • Shadow analysis for identifying usable area and type of structure
  • Designing structures to suit site conditions, withstand high wind speed, absorb maximum available solar insolation to maximise generation
  • All structures are made of Hot Dip Galvanised steel or extruded Aluminium for long life. Structures on RCC roofs can be of penetrative design or with non-penetrative civil foundation
  • Design of an efficient system for best possible conversion of solar energy to electrical energy with a Performance Ratio in excess of 75%
  • Coordination with concerned utility / Discom for Net Metering
  • Selection of reliable and top quality solar panels, inverters and balance of plant matching the design of the system
  • Cash Flow projection with Return on Investment.

Solutions We Offer

We offer solutions base on customer’s exact need.

Elevated Structures

Such structures have dual purpose of avoiding shadow from surrounding civil structures and allow use of terrace space for other purposes since the panels work as sheds.

Ground Mounted

Our robust ground mounted structures are designed based on soil test and ground contour. These structures are capable to withstand the maximum wind speed of the location

Standard Structures
for RCC Roofs

With a minimum ground clearance of app. 300mm, these structures are most economical with value for money. These are used at sites with complete shadow free roofs which have no other beneficial use

Metal Shed

Specially designed lightweight aluminium rail structures are best suited for metal sheet roofs. These structures can be installed with non-penetrative method or leak proof penetrative methods.

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